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Who Is The Best Finance Career Counselor? | India’s Top Finance Counselor

Career counseling is the practice of identifying students’ pain spots and providing guidance and roadmaps for a successful career. The Best Career Counselors provide students with direction on their career path.

Moreover, finance is a wider and more diverse field. Jobs in the financial sector can be highly lucrative, which explains why they are in such great demand. But among all these options, which one would you prefer, which one would make a perfect fit for you? All of this can be decided with the help of the Finance Career Counselor. 

Here are a few of India’s greatest counselors who used the Global Career Counsellor certification from Univariety and UCLA Extension to maximize the counseling function and provide their best.

Who Is The Best Finance Career Counselor

Who Is The Best Finance Career Counselor

Ishaan Arora – Ishaan Arora the founder of finladder, an educator who has taught over 22,000 students, a content developer, and an entrepreneur whose company teaches thousands of people every day, is here three years later.

Ishaan has blessed this community with more than 30,000 pupils as a result of his consistency, hard work, and dedication. Along with a fan base of more than 1.5 lakh people. Their main purpose is to continue to convey information to as many pupils as possible.

Finladder was founded on a meager budget of Rs. 1500/-. Ishaan started teaching the same subject he had taken as a student. The major purpose, as it was originally an e-learning platform, was to supply users with the proper courses. Moving forward, Ishaan realized that students require assistance in addition to courses and academic personnel.

That’s when Ishaan started making personal connections with everyone. He spoke with each of the pupils who happened to be present at the time. They grew a community of 1000 pupils as a result of this.

Surprisingly, Ishaan was just in his third year of college at the time. Now Ishaan Arora is one of the youngest finance Content creators who has appeared in Josh Talks and other motivational shows. Follow the Best Finance Course by Ishan Arora.

Ishaan Arora always talks about finance and investment and also he is helping people to understand the investment and finance world. Ishaan Arora is the ideal personality who wants to make a career in finance or even for those who are searching for financial advisory services.

Suhas Harshe – Suhas Harshe began coaching as a Financial Success Strategist and became India’s First Money Coach after 25 years of experience in leadership roles with companies such as Kotak Group, DHL Worldwide Express, and Godrej.

Suhas mentors and guides professionals and small business owners in the area of money management.

Suhas speaks on personal and business financial management and conducts money management workshops for a large audience through his seminars “Paisa Bolta Hai” and the workshop “Sabse Bada Rupaiya.”

Hundreds of professionals and small business owners have benefited from his expertise in money management.

Melvin Joseph – Melvin Joseph, a Navi-Mumbai resident, left secure employment at the age of 42 to follow his business ambitions. He was also one of the first RIAs to register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Learn here about SEBI Registered Investment Advisor here. 

Melvin Joseph, the creator of FIN-VIN, is one of India’s first SEBI registered investment advisors. Moreover, there are no direct or indirect ties to product commissions. His motivation was to leap headfirst into ‘fee-only’ service.

His story is an amazing one of moving from trying to acquire new and consistent clients to be one of India’s and, dare we say, the world’s most successful, ethical, and inexpensive fee-only financial advisors.

Rahul Dasondi – Rahul Dasondi is a driven professional with a passion for career guidance. Mr. Rahul Dasondi is a Mechanical Engineer with a certification in Global Career Counseling from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension and University. He has extensive expertise and compassion in this industry.

He works in an NGO and also conducts counseling courses in schools and universities. Students require excellent career counseling and 360-degree information about their potential vocations, feeling that there is a fundamental change in the educational system nowadays.

Mr. Rahul Dasondi’s love for the field of career counseling has inspired him to start his own business in this field. Today, he is the creator of Kothari, MP-based Career Achiever 360.

His dedication to offering comprehensive help to students and young people seeking college and career counseling has made him one of Madhya Pradesh’s most sought-after career advisers.

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Preetika Sharma – With a B.Sc. in Medical Science and an M.A. in English, Preetika Sharma is a highly skilled professional. Ms. Sharma is also a Univariety and the University of California, Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extension) accredited Global Career Counsellor.

She has a remarkable 24 years of expertise in the education field, in addition to her academic achievements. She is a professional advisor that provides positive direction to pupils and is passionate about high school education. From academics to social and emotional well-being, there is something for everyone.

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Preetika also runs group sessions and seminars to provide students with expert presentations, supplementary materials, and detailed stream- and career-specific options.

Her knowledge and experience in colleges in India and abroad are impressive. After speaking with her, one can feel confident in choosing the proper professional route for oneself.

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