Share Market Investment Tips

Share Market Investment Tips | By Ishaan Arora

Share Market Investment Tips By Ishaan Arora

Do you know that keeping money in a bank account makes it a depreciating asset? Yes, money, a depreciating asset! This is due to inflation. As the proxies of goods and exchanges increase, we lose some value of the capital. So what is the solution to it?

Investment in stocks! If you want to beat the inflation rate while making capital more valuable, investing is the only solution. If you have crossed the beginner’s level and hold even a little experience, we highly advise you to directly invest in stocks, not mutual funds. 

Unlike mutual fund investments, direct stock investments carry a higher risk and reward ratio. Many retail investors are experimenting with day trading or short-term trading and holding solid equities for a more extended period. But Is It Safe To Invest In Mutual Fund? Nope, investors should also be aware that while stock market investments can be beneficial, they can also result in losses that deplete one’s cash.

However, stock prices may not always move straight, and there may be extended periods of a bear market. Stock selection can be based on fundamental and technical factors, and if one is buying stocks for the short to medium term, there must be a systematic approach. Learn Share Market Investment Tips through the blog here.

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Well, here we are sharing some Share Market Tips or Share Market Investment Tips that may help a retail investor while buying stocks.

Share Market Investment Tips

Share Market Investment Tips By Ishaan Arora

Protecting Capital: – It’s also important to remember that investing is similar to racing a hare: slow and steady wins the race. The most important thing for investors to remember is to protect their money. It is necessary to build well-considered threat management procedures, and it is possible to accomplish so in the following ways:

(a) Define a loss per trade – You must select how much loss you can take per trade ahead of time. That firmness must be exercised, and the move must be exited.

(b) Partial Investments — No matter how sure one is, one should not put all of one’s money into a single move.

Get a dose of reality – It’s ridiculous to expect to double your money every year. In the long run, this is not feasible. Setting realistic goals is the first step toward success, and it’s a safe bet to set a 20–25 percent goal. Also, one must avoid falling for plans that promise higher profits. You can consider it as the golden Share Market Tips For Beginners when you start entering into the market, or even if you have a little experience too.

Select Liquid Stocks – What if you want to sell your stocks, but there aren’t any buyers in the market? Choose Intraday trading; As you may know, it entails buying and selling a group of shares on the same day before the market closes, i.e., squaring off open positions. However, there must be sufficient liquidity in the market for the stock exchange to execute these orders.

As a result, the first suggestion in today’s free intraday tips is to avoid small-cap and mid-cap companies that may not be sufficiently liquid. Otherwise, there’s a good chance your squaring-off order won’t be fulfilled, forcing you to accept delivery instead.

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a stock to trade is liquidity. High liquidity stocks move in enormous volumes, allowing intraday traders to quickly purchase and sell larger quantities.

Additionally, avoid putting all of your trading capital into a single stock. Experts advise spreading your intraday positions among a few different equities. Diversification will help balance your intraday trading approach and the reduction of risk.

Freeze the Entry And Exit Price – Have you ever regretted a decision you made after putting it into action?

You must have. So let us tell you about investment world regrets. The buyer’s fallacy affects many stock investors and traders, and false notions dupe them. This is when the buyer begins to have second thoughts and doubts about their decision. The trader realizes that the stock pick was not as good as he thought when entering the trade.

So to avoid such trading blunders, follow Ishan Arora’s helpful advice, which is to determine the entry and exit prices before establishing a position. This ensures that you have an unbiased viewpoint. As a professional trader, you must plan your entry and exit without allowing your emotions to dictate your actions.

Do not overreact to stock movements: – It’s enough to check up on your stocks once a quarter, such as quarterly reports. However, it’s difficult not to keep an eye on the scoreboard. This can lead to overreacting to short-term events, focusing on stock price rather than corporate value, and feeling compelled to act when none is necessary.

When one of your stocks has a significant price change, determine what caused it. Is your stock suffering from the market’s reaction to an unrelated event? Has something changed in the company’s underlying business? Is it anything that has a significant impact on your long-term prospects?

Do not challenge the market – Market fluctuations are very hard to predict, and it’s not uncommon to find that all indicators point to a bullish market. As is customary, you can anticipate a gain in your target stock. However, the stock market disagrees, and the stock price does not rise.

Bottom line: Don’t get too attached to your research. The stock market’s very nature is fluctuation. Sell and exit your position as soon as the market reaches your stop-loss level if the market does not support your analysis. Keeping your fingers crossed that the market will behave as predicted will exacerbate your losses.


Share Market Investment Tips

The final piece of advice is to invest in colossal corporation stocks. Traders should invest in the top 200 firms since they are secure. This will ensure that you do not buy in low-quality companies and instead invest in the best, yielding high returns. To learn more about us and our blogs, kindly visit the official website of Ishan Arora and stay updated. 

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